Speel Gokkasten

Hi all, and if you’re new, welcome to my blog! I have some fantastic news to share with you all in this new post. I’m so excited, so let’s get straight into it!

The Dutch company Speel Gokkasten has agreed to partner up with me after seeing my last post on Oranje Casino. Yay! I was literally jumping up and down for fifteen minutes after hearing the news and have been feeling on top of the world ever since. From time to time, as is the case with all people really, my mood can change. However, I got this news over three weeks ago and have not had a negative feeling since hearing it.
In this post, I’m going to tell you all about my new partnership, what this means for you as a reader and I also want to give you a little info on how these partnerships usually work on the back-end. Without further ado, let’s get into the post!

Speel Gokkasten

Speel Gokkasten is a Dutch company that has a rich history in developing and designing online casino games. The name literally means “play slots” and this is exactly what they make possible for the players that enjoy their games. Speel Gokkasten is one of the largest providers of Dutch slots and they also work to translate casino games for large international companies too. If you’ve ever played a Dutch slot machine, then there’s a good chance it was one of Speel Gokkasten’s games you were playing.

The company has been around for a good few years now and is nearing its tenth year of inauguration already. Over the years, they’ve developed huge hits which have done numbers well into the millions in Dutch casinos. Most of their games are available for both physical casino’s as well as online casino’s, but they do tend to focus a little more on the online side. Speel Gokkasten has also won a few international awards and has games that have been translated into Belgian, German, and French too.

What will the partnership include?

The partnership is something I’m extremely happy with (can you tell?). When partnering with such a large company, it is always exciting as well as nerve-wracking at the same time. Obviously, you’re dealing with a behemoth of an industry which get’s the butterflies going in your stomach and all throughout your body. However, it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I’m super chuffed that I’ve gotten this opportunity.
The main aspect of the partnership is a mutual promotion of each other’s brands. I’ll be receiving a large banner on Speel Gokkasten’s website and they will be provided with a jewellery line which will be branded using their brand name. On top of the free promotion, I will also be paid to create the jewellery for them. I’ve always dreamt of a brand deal like this and it’s a great way for me to showcase my talent. We’ve been in talks for creating rings, bracelets and necklaces, but they may be interested in getting studs and other supporting pieces created too. The idea is for these to be limited edition, with only 1000 of each piece available.

How will it go down?

Well, there is still a lot to do before I can get to work. The first contract has been signed so the deal is set in stone, however, the exact terms are still to be discussed. The exact amount they would like to order and the type of jewellery are both important points we still have to get clear on. I have another meeting with Speel Gokkasten on Wednesday to get clear on the exact products they would like to order and there will be some more documents we both need to sign. After that, I should be good to go and get started on the pieces!
I can’t wait to update you all once they’re done!

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