My Childhood History

Today I woke up and I wondered about what could be the first topic-based blog post that I share with you all. I tend to set my alarm to 06:00am because I love being able to look at the sunrise every day. My parents always told me that when I was a baby I would wake up early no matter how long I slept the previous night. Now that I am having some pastries and coffee on my day off from work, why not share with you all important notes of my childhood.

I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium with my mum, my pa, and my two younger sisters. We lived in a spacious home, but I wouldn’t say that we were wealthy by at all. Both of my parents were Liberians , which is how they met each other, and eventually got married. Every day my mum would wake me and my sisters up for school while my dad was in his office reading books. I was inspired by him so much that I started asking to read with him.

This is where my curiosity for reading and writing came into play.

My pa would let me read mystery stories that were suitable for my age and nothing else. As time passed and I became a teenager, he began to let me have pastries and coffee with him in his office, and read books as well. He would ask me what I think about the books I read (as he already read them previously) and would challenge me to think deeper than just surface deep. At the time, I was unaware of why he was challenging me in such a manner, but now as a grown adult I definitely understand.

As I sit here and finish the last of my Danish Bread Pudding and coffee (no cream or sugar just like my pa taught me) at 07:34am, I now have more confidence in what I want this blog to turn into. I want to be able to share my personal life story with everyone! No matter how scared I may be once I press the “post” button, at least I will know that I am challenging myself in the same manner that my pa did me when I was a kid.

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