Am I In A Relationship At The Current Moment?

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today me and a few of my best friends decided to sit back, enjoy some coffee at the cafe, and talk about life. One thing that I love about my best friends is that we can literally talk about anything together without hesitation at all. We are a mix a 3 women (including myself) and 3 men.

Yesterday my friend Laura randomly asked out loud “So who is still not in a relationship yet because I will find your soulmate for you now!” Of course this is going to be a running joke until everyone is eventually in a relationship and married. Oddly enough, there is 1 woman and 1 guy that is single in our circle of best friends.

If you guessed early… yes, I am the single lady in our group (haha)! While we continued to talk, I started to ask myself “what if I never find myself in a relationship?” Nonetheless, once I opened up to my friends about the situation, they pretty much stood by me and supported my answer regardless.

Want to know what I think about relationships?

One day I would absolutely love to be in a relationship with a handsome man that I can call my own. At some point (maybe in my 30s) I would like to be married and have a family. I do not see myself being a stay-at-home housewife because I love working as a web developer and exploring outdoors way too much. I can only imagine staying at home more than I am outside. I would love to take my kids out hiking or exploring different parts of the country and world (when they are old enough and only during holiday breaks of course).

Right now I may be single, but it is because I am not looking for a relationship. I believe that my next boyfriend should be someone that I have a lot in common with. Someone that I can look at and say “he inspires me to be a better woman every day.” I am not too fond of these new dating apps where people meet online and what not, I prefer to meet naturally and in person. Who knows, maybe I will find my soulmate in our local cafe shop if I stay there long enough!

If I may ask… what do you all think about relationships at your age? Are you currently in a relationship/marriage with someone that you believe is your soulmate? Are you single and looking for a relationship? Or are you like me and letting fate take its course with your love life?

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