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Oranje Casino and Webshop; Current live situation

Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog!
Today’s post is going about what i love to do in my spare time now and when i was younger. When i was a little girl i used to love playing with my barbies and my dollhouse. My father build me an amazing doll house with 4 floors high, 3 bathrooms, a dressing room and even a toilet. I think i was around 7 years old and i couldn’t believe it when my father build me this present for my birthday.
A couple of years later, i got really into fashion and my mum bought my first sketching book with different of materials and at the time i was so happy and got so motivated to set up my first clothing line, even if i was only 14 years old, but because i was stil so young and wasn’t really sure if this was the thing i wanted to do my entire life. And yes one year later I totally changed my opinion, i really got into the entertainment scene. I really enjoyed the music business, but i couldn’t sing or play on a instrument. I’ve got to know a lot of people that were active in the music industry and they later became my friends and i was always in teh studio with them, that’s why i think i got so into the music. One of my friends was an amazing producer and I just to help him out with small tweeks. We all had our own task, one was writing the music, one was producing, one had eye for detail (me), one was singing ofcourse and one was just always chilling and eating up everything haha!
These years were one of the best years in my live, but unfortunately we all grew up and everyone got busy with their own live. Two of my friends are still in in the music industry, one of them is the producer and the other one is living in London and is performing through the entire UK.
Of course I still listen to all of their music and sometimes i’m still helping the producer. Once in a while he asks my opinion and help him with some projects and I always listen and see if there is anything that got unnoticed.
These days I run my own companies. I’ve run my own clothing webshop and i’m having a website in the gambling industry, so i offer different of online casinos as oranje casino on my platform. You can also find more information about Forex trading. You can informatie over online.
These are two totally different things, but I love it that they are so different from each other!
The website is going very well in the UK and the gambling company is doing very good in the Netherlands that’s why I also mentioned Oranje casino, because this is an online casino specialized in the Netherlands.
This was my story of the day, I hope you guys will enjoy reading this blog! Love you all and see you in the next blog!


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